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    Smooth & Silky Effortless Glide Epilator - EP7011AU

    4/5 stars from 1 review

    Remington Smooth & Silky Effortless Glide Epilator - EP7011AU is an epilator designed with gentle lift and grip tweezers. The device effortlessly grasps short, fine hairs down to 0.5mm and massage nodules provide an extra gentle epilation experience. The perfect angle cap ensures the optimal tweezing angle for efficient hair removal. It has a washable head for easy cleaning and two speed settings for gentle and efficient epilation. Includes worldwide voltage, cleaning brush, 90 day money back guarantee and two year warranty.

    Latest Review:
    I was able to pick this up on sale for $39 at Myer so I was happy. This is the first epilator that I've used so I dont have anything to compare it to. What I can say is that there are 2 speed settings… Read full review

    endota spa Waxing is a professional waxing treatment offered in a range of options, including intimate (Brazilian, bikini waxing and G-string waxing), leg and arm waxing, as well as body waxing for both men and women.


    Ella Baché Waxing offers a range of facial and body waxing for both men and women. The treatments are performed using high quality wax. In accordance with strict hygiene standards they do not recycle wax or double-dip implements.


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    Do as it claims! Trusted product and brand!


    As a woman approaching 40, I was a bit sceptical about some of the claims, but as this product was reasonably priced decided to give it a go.

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    Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Oil-in-Lotion for Body Toowoomba Carnival 4350
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    Sensori Oil in Body Lotion


    Firstly, the packaging of this is just so beautiful, it looks very elegant.

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    Grand Nature
    Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum
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    Effectively works! Save my wallet!


    I have tried zillions of anti aging products as I don't like the idea of cosmetic surgery but still want to preserve as much youth as I can in my appearance.

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