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    180 Lift & Load

    3/5 stars from 1 review

    bhave 180 Lift & Load is a professional hair colour that lightens hair up to seven levels, while it simultaneously deposits rich, infinite colour in one step, no pre-bleaching required. It will transform black shades to natural-looking blonde, create multi-dimensional colour as well as balayage, ombré and sombré effects in every colour and tone. The dual-action system is enriched with a blend of essential oils to help protect and repair hair from damage and scalp discomfort, resulting in shiny, healthy-looking, vibrantly hued hair. The non-irritating formula is suitable for sensitive scalps. Available in six hues, including Light Blonde, Slate, Ash Blonde, Light Brown, Aqua and Flame as well as one clear gloss.

    Latest Review:
    My hair is already quite light so for me I didn't notice much of a difference after this treatment. Im not too sure how I feel about this product honestly as it does take a lot of time for the treatment… Read full review


    5/5 stars from 1 review

    bhave 360 is a permanent hair colour that guarantees total coverage, even on grey hair, and a glossy, vibrant looking colour that enhances hair condition while reducing processing time. The formula contains Prophyte™, a plant-based keratin that boasts reparative properties, as well as a high concentration of micro-pigmented colour. A blend of 18 amino acids create a protective barrier against environmental aggressors, deliver anti-ageing and conditioning benefits and stimulate the regeneration of collagen. The colour hydrates and nourishes hair while it imparts beautiful, even tone.

    Latest Review:
    This hair colour is excellent. It leaves such a gorgeous glossy shine. It really does have a salon effect. It leaves my hair smooth, silky and soft. The colour lasts really well and I haven’t even noticed… Read full review

    Redken City Beats is a professional hair colour available in eight vibrant shades. The cream formula conditions as it colours to maintain healthy, shiny hair. It seals the cuticle for true colour that lasts up to 12 washes. Each shade name is inspired by an iconic New York neighbourhood or celebrated city sight. It includes Yellow Cab, East Village Violet, City Ballet Pink, Midtown Magenta, Indigo Skyline, Broadway Blue, Times Square Teal and Big Apple


    muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is a hair colour that offers six results, including permanent, blonde toning, demi permanent, intense demi permanent, colour balancing and men’s grey blending. It delivers tone, intensity and longevity, as well as shine and improved hair condition. The PETA-approved, vegan formula contains almost 80 per cent naturally derived ingredients, including baobab oil, avocado oil and Cationic Tri-Plex Compound. It is available in 103 hybrid shades.



    Redken pH-BONDER is a professional treatment that works from the inside out to promote bond integrity during professional hair colour or lightening services. The formula contains maleic acid that acts as a magnet to attract and remove ions from lighteners that interfere with weak bonds. Acidic pH protects bonds from oxidation and breakage. It will fortify and strengthen hair fibres, minimise stress and breakage, promote touchable softness, smoothness, shine and elasticity.

    Vivid muk Direct Dye Colour is a professional colour service available in salon only. Vivid muk Direct Dye is a semi permanent range of color, with an infinite colour palette of completely intermixable and customised shades. The superior colour range guarantees bright, intense, luminous and expressive colours, enriched with condition and moisture, so hair is left with intense shine, softness and strength.

    Depends on the salon, but ranges from $150 +++

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    Do as it claims! Trusted product and brand!


    As a woman approaching 40, I was a bit sceptical about some of the claims, but as this product was reasonably priced decided to give it a go.

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    Firstly, the packaging of this is just so beautiful, it looks very elegant.

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    Effectively works! Save my wallet!


    I have tried zillions of anti aging products as I don't like the idea of cosmetic surgery but still want to preserve as much youth as I can in my appearance.

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