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    Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations is a personalised service with tailor-made skincare concentrates that address each customer’s unique skin concerns. Each customer’s personalised facial concentrate is comprised of three distinctive parts: the base Skin Strengthening Concentrate plus two individually selected Targeted Complexes. The two Targeted Complexes are selected with a consultation and diagnosis with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative in order to address two of the following concerns most important to the customer: redness, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores, and dullness. These three components are enclosed in a personalised box for the customer who then mixes them at home.


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    Ageless Illuminating Primer
    114 reviews

    Don’t hate it but also don’t love it


    I bought this primer on sale and I’m glad I did because this primer barely did anything to help my makeup stay on for a longer period of time, however it did have a smoothing effect on the skin and

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    Powder Pop Flower Highlighter
    2 reviews

    Highlighter and bronzer


    Gorgeous product with good quality ingredients. I use this also as a bronzer and highlighter when I’m using a darker bronzer. The glow is exceptional and you decide how much you want.

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    Max Factor
    Brow Highlighter Pencil
    3 reviews

    Great quality


    A great quality product and so easy to handle. This is one product I find it easy to use. I love the way it gives my eyebrows that enhanced look with a natural touch.

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