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    muk Haircare
    Kinky muk Curl Amplifier
    9 reviews

    This product is best used with rollers or hair ties.


    This is one my my favourite hair products and i do have curly hair. The product is best used on curls that already exist and they will end up more defined.

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    Gel Fantasy Nails - Lit Within
    2 reviews

    Great if you have no time.


    Im a nail technician and do my own nails but somtimes when i have no time or cant be bothered and need my nails done for a occasion i have been using these.

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    Coconut Sunscreen SPF50 Dry Touch Lotion
    54 reviews

    Dry touch fast absorbing winner


    We love all things coconut so were quite excited to be trialing 'Reef's Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50 Dry Touch Lotion' it's broad spectrum and covers both uva and uvb like most suns

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    1. 1576398187

      Is anyone else still waiting on there rewards room order from a few months ago??

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    2. 1576372973

      So,beauties,i was thinking,with Christmas upon us,and gift giving being high on our "must do" list of…

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    3. 1576307459

      Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis can help boost the immune system to help fight the infection. Herbal…

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    4. 1576299249

      Just testing a theory here. I’m certain that these 10 items haven’t change in the time I’ve been…

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    5. 1576219008

      Rhinoplasty is an art and science of changing the appearance of the nose in order to improve facial aesthetics…

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    6. 1576218835

      Hi everybody, My name is Olivia and I'm new to this forum. Happy to be here!

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